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Our Director

Dr. McKenzie Green is the founder and director of the Greenhouse Collective. She is a Community Psychologist and Certified Family Life Coach with supplementary training in the fields of African American Studies, Social Work, and Developmental Psychology. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Rooted in personal life experiences and professional ethics, Dr. Green created the Greenhouse Collective with the mission of reducing mental health disparities amongst Black American youth and families through culturally-responsive research + coaching and consulting.

Our Programs

The Greenhouse Collective is composed of the Greenhouse Research Group (academic facing) and Greenhouse Coaching & Consulting LLC (community and public facing - services). The psychological evidence produced from the Greenhouse Research Group is specifically used to inform the coaching and consulting provided by Dr. Green and her associates. Moreover, the lessons learned from service provision through Greenhouse Coaching & Consulting LLC are used to inform the science that the Greenhouse Research Group conducts. Thus, both programs are distinct but essential to the collective’s mission of helping youth and families grow and thrive.

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