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The Greenhouse Research Group is led by Dr. Green. She has published nearly 20 peer-reviewed articles and received $170,000.000 in grant support and funding from distinguished agencies including the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation.

Under Dr. Green’s guidance, the Greenhouse Research Group partners with Black and Multiracial-Black youth and families to explore how racial and relational processes individually and collectively impact their lived experiences and wellbeing. We believe that research is a pathway to liberation but that research itself can also be liberating as it provides space to share, dream, process, and advocate for ourselves and one another.

Our research is specifically rooted in theoretical frameworks that honor the intersectionality and gender and ethnic diversity of Black youth and families. Grounded in Community Psychological principles, our research is also intentionally designed to highlight how systems of oppression contribute to inequitable experiences and outcomes among Black youth while also illuminating how the cultural strengths (aka magic) of Black communities helps them resist, persist, and thrive in the face of oppression. Finally, we are committed to using the insight gathered in our work to develop culturally meaningful programs, policies, and practices that help Black American youth and families thrive.

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